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Action taken on 360 Sabah cops since 2010
Published on: Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: Disciplinary action, including sacking, was taken against 360 police officers and staff in Sabah from 2010 until February this year, for various offences, said Sabah Commissioner Datuk Hamza Taib.

He said of this number, 53 were officers while 307 were of other ranks.

Hamza said the number of police staff on whom disciplinary action was taken made up 1.1 per cent of the entire police force in Sabah while those implicated in corrupt practices was 0.1 per cent.

"The disciplinary action is based on Regulation 38 of the Civil Service Regulations 1993," he said. Hamza said in 2012, the amount of bribery involving police staff was RM6,600, in 2013 it was RM7,500, and as of February this year, it was RM1,500.

Meanwhile, Hamza said a police officer and three other police staff of various ranks from Sabah were conferred awards for resisting bribes.

On the anti-corruption campaign which included improving the integrity of the police force, Hamza said Sabah was the fifth state to organise the campaign since it was launched at the national level on April 1.

He said the six-month campaign, which would end on Sept 1, would be launched in Tawau for the Sabah east coast zone soon.

Earlier, in his speech, Hamza said the campaign was an on-going programme by the PDRM to increase awareness and knowledge among the police force on the negative effects of corruption, as well as to improve the integrity of the PDRM.

He urged members of the police force not to become involved in negative activities like corruption as the success of a programme such as the anti-corruption campaign also depended on the human factor to convey its messages.

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