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Tenom substation fire: SESB urged to give compensation
Published on: Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Tenom: Senator Datuk Lucas Umbul urged Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB) to consider giving compensation to consumers who suffer damages to their electrical appliances due to a fire incident in a Main Intake Substation (PMU) here recently.

He said other than damages to their properties, many small industry players were also badly affected after power supply was disrupted for several hours.

"We understand that the fire was an accident but the interests of the public must be taken into consideration.

Prior to this, the people here who number about 63,000 had always complained because of unexplained electricity rationing.

"I have also presented this problem to Parliament but the Energy, Green Technology and Water Ministry still cannot solve this problem," he said after a visit to Taman Bahagia, which is situated next to the affected PMU on Tuesday.

Umbul, who is also Upko Vice President, said it is not his intention to put pressure on SESB but he is upset that the incident happened to the people here who are still traumatised after a series of power disruptions and power rationings since last year.

"We also became the target of the people's wrath who blamed us saying that we have failed to solve this problem.

Every time things like this happened, they will rush to us, asking questions. So, what else can we tell them?" he said.

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