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Hiew should quit seat: DAP
Published on: Sunday, June 08, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: DAP said Luyang Assemblyman Hiew King Cheu should resign from the seat because the constituents voted for DAP as well as change and not for money in the form of allocations. DAP Sabah Chief Jimmy Wong said it was only apt that Hiew vacate the seat since "he has betrayed the voters' trust."

"He is still singing the old song to justify his act of betrayal to DAP and the Luyang people," Wong told a press conference, Saturday.

Wong reiterated that his former comrade should have not betrayed his voters if he was a man of principles and honour.

"Furthermore you (Hiew) signed a pledge that you will resign should you leave DAP for another party," he said commenting on Hiew's acceptance into the BN's fold through MCA as announced by its President Datuk Seri Dr Liow Tiong Lai and MCA Sabah Chief, Wilfred Yong, on Friday.

Wong also refuted Hiew's claims of being sidelined by DAP Sabah's leadership and that "he is the one who tried to bully us in the past two years but we just put up with it in the interest of the party."

Hiew claimed that he would be able to bring development to Luyang once he joined the government but "Luyang has been represented by Barisan Nasional before this for many years and look at what development is there?" asked Wong.

"Even car parks are not sufficient in Luyang," he said.

He said despite the setbacks it would not stop DAP Sabah from continuing with its struggle to bring change to Sabah with assistance from the party's central leadership.

On the other hand, DAP Sabah secretary, Dr Edwin Bosi, said Hiew's predicament should not have happened if he had accepted the change of leadership gracefully.

"His losing to Jimmy Wong as Chairman of DAP Sabah was the decision and choice of the local DAP leaders and delegates then.

His two-men leadership of Hiew-Edward Muji was no more relevant to the progress and struggle of the party.

"With the change of leadership, DAP Sabah won the State constituencies of Likas, Luyang, Kapayan and Sri Tanjung. DAP Sabah also won the MP seats of Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan.

"Hiew must realise despite the change of leadership he was not sidelined and marginalised. In fact he was free to visit and promote the party everywhere in Sabah.

"His selection as candidate for Luyang speaks for the respect the party and leaders had for him," he said, adding that Hiew has now accepted the fact that as an independent representative he can go nowhere.

"He felt as a BN-friendly representative is not good enough.

We felt sorry to see him (Hiew) begging BN component parties such as PBRS to take him in. There were rumours that Hiew was also knocking the doors of Upko, PBS, LDP and Gerakan.

"I think it is unfortunate and disrespectful to MCA candidate Agnes when Hiew was accepted into MCA. Our sympathy now goes to Agnes."

In view of this, he said MCA should consider tendering Hiew's resignation as Luyang representative to the Speaker to make way for a by-election.

"This will be a good face-saving strategy for Hiew and an opportunity for MCA to capture the Luyang seat from DAP," he said.

Meanwhile, DAP National Vice Chairperson, Theresa Kok described the action by MCA to take Hiew into its fold as a way for the party to re-enter the Sabah State Assembly through the back door.

"This is against the wishes of the voters of Luyang. It is totally unacceptable and shameful, and against Liow's call for reform of MCA," she said.

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