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Maybank opens Donggongon branch
Published on: Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Penampang: Maybank Sdn Bhd aims to disperse a total of RM39 million in loans via its newly-opened Donggongon branch this year.

The bank's Community Financial Services Chief Hamirullah Boorhan on Monday said out of the figure, RM12 million will go to small-medium enterprises (SMEs), another RM12 million to mortgages and housing, and RM15 million for the Amanah Saham Bumiputera investments.

"We are looking for a 12 per cent growth in loans for Sabah, where we currently hold the largest market share with 23 per cent.

"We are aiming to get over 33 per cent by the end of financial year 2014," he said during the official opening of the branch, here.

He said Maybank now also offered a no collateral loan to boost local SMEs worth RM300,000 to RM1.5 million, following its collaboration with the Credit Guarantee Corporation this year, where they had raised RM1 billion in funds to assist SMEs.

"We have seen there is a tremendous development of SMEs here, that is one of the reasons why we decided to open a branch in this township," he said.

The district boasts a population of over 130,000 and about 20,000 commute each day to work elsewhere.

The opening of the Donggongon branch marked the bank's 21st branch in Sabah.

Maybank has also collaborated with Pos Malaysia to offer their banking services in 21 Pos Malaysia outlets across Sabah, mostly to cater to people in the rural areas.

At present, Maybank boasts over 70 banking products and services, with comprehensive types of borrowings.

The Donggongon branch which has been in operation since April 29 was opened by Assistant Finance Minister Datuk Ramlee Maharaban.

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