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RM1,300 meatballs driven off with Vigo
Published on: Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: A 26-year-old businessman lost not only RM1,300 worth of beef meatballs, but also his Toyota Vigo vehicle when a man drove off with it at the HSK Industrial Building in Penampang, on Monday.

The man, identified only as Chong, claimed that prior to the incident, he went to the premises where he runs a family business supplying beef meatballs at about 9am.

He claimed only his father and four workers were at the premises at that time.

"I left the premises at about 2pm and had just loaded about 60kg of beef meatballs into my vehicle when a man suddenly went to the driver's seat of the vehicle before driving off," he said.

"It happened in a few seconds and I did not hear the man approaching because it was raining heavily at that time," he said, adding that he lodged a police report at about 4pm.

It was learnt that he had just bought the vehicle in March last year.

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