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Fines for littering in and around police stations
Published on: Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: City police are planning to come up with a compound system to impose fines on anyone found throwing rubbish indiscriminately in the police station area and nine police bases, including several beat bases, here.

Its Chief, ACP Jauteh Dikun, said the move would instil discipline and responsibility not only among his men but also public visiting the police stations to lodge reports and carry out official errands.

"Implementation of this proposed compound system would be in line with the City Hall litter-free programme that aims to make the city clean from any type of rubbish.

"The amount of our proposed compound fines would not be as high as City Hall's to discipline and hopefully to deter litterbugs," he said.

Jauteh said this while receiving a litter-free accreditation for the second time from City Hall health officer Jevinus Amboi at the Karamunsing police station, here, Tuesday.

Also present were Deputy City Police Chief Supt. M. Chandra and other officials.

"But if the litterbugs are spotted throwing the rubbish very close to the police stations or bases, then the amount would be higher.

"Once the system is ready to be enforced, the officers-in charge of the police bases and several beat bases under City Police headquarters here will be proactive in carrying out the system," he said.

Jauteh said they have emphasised cleanliness in the police stations and police bases here by conducting competitions among them and rewarding the winning premises.

"Each of us is producing rubbish and the onus is on us to dispose the solid waste into proper bins as I have noted that people throw cigarette butts into drains, secluded corners and hidden places to avoid being spotted.

"But I feel we need to emulate the Japanese attitude where during the World Cup match in Brazil, they cleaned up the rows of seats that they occupied in the stadium before leaving the area.

"This is the kind of behaviour and responsibility that we should adopt and practise wherever we are in this world," he said.

Jauteh has also raised concerns over a problem of many stray cats at the compound of the Karamunsing police station which led to foul smell from their poop and urine.

He said they will seek assistance from City Hall to address the stray cat problem.

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