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Safe box rentals on offer for Matta Fair customers
Published on: Saturday, July 05, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: Titanium Safe Deposit Box Sdn Bhd General Manager Eric Wong said city folk are very familiar with the company's service and that the response was good due to shortage of safe deposit boxes in the market offered by banks.

"The reception by the public on the safe deposit boxes service offered by Titanium has so far has been very positive.

"We have also noticed lately there has been an increase in the housebreaking trend and many of our customers were happy that after they received the safe deposit boxes, they saved themselves from mishaps.

"So when we heard that the Matta Fair was coming up, we realised that when someone is going on their dream holiday the last thing they want to experience is when they come back they get the shock of their lives that their house had been broken into or in the middle of their holiday they receive a call from their friends that their house has been broken into or worst damaged by fire.

"Apart from valuables, we are also talking about important documents here so when you come back from holiday and find your valuables or documents missing either by theft or fire, then it will really spoil all the good memories.

"Not only people on holiday but also normal people can be affected by home break-ins and theft. So in order to have a peace of mind you must do something about it.

"So that is why we want to create an awareness so people can leave home with peace of mind."

Wong said in order to create this awareness and in conjunction with the Sabah Matta Fair, Titanium Safe Deposit Box Chairman Datuk Clement Yeh has decided to sponsor the first year rental worth RM295 of a safe deposit box for whoever purchases a tour package worth RM500 and above at any of the booths at the Matta Fair over the three-day period.

"So this means customers purchasing any RM500 and above tour package from any Sabah Matta fair booths here will automatically be entitled to claim the RM295 safe deposit box rental for free.

"If one decides to go for a bigger box which costs more, then the RM295 can be used as a discount credit for the bigger box.

"So we believe this is a new kind of offer and we are sure that other Sabah Matta fair booth customers will have a good memory of their holiday and peace of mind as a result of this approach."

He said the RM500 and above criteria should not be a problem for most Sabah Matta Fair customers to qualify as most of the packages offered are usually more than RM1,000.

"Matta is also giving a RM1,000 lucky draw for purchases of RM1,000 and above and Matta Fair customers can also stand a chance to win something extra with their receipts."

Wong said currently the company has registered about a 50 per cent occupancy, adding that there are 300 safe box rentals on offer for the whole three days of the Matta Fair or up to a hundred RM295 safe box rentals allocated per day.

"If the 100 rental amount is unclaimed for the first day, it will be rolled over to the following days."

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