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Don't let blood ties be an excuse, says Shafie
Published on: Sunday, July 20, 2014

Keningau: Rural and Regional Development Minister Datuk Seri Hj Mohd Shafie Hj Apdal urged residents who live in the East Coast of the state to have high patriotism to Malaysia.

He said people in the area shoulder very important responsibilities in maintaining the nation's sovereignty by not allowing foreigners to illegally enter into this country through the back door.

"We understand there are many people on the East Coast who had blood ties with the people in neighboring countries.

Do not let this blood ties be an excuse to help foreigners entering Malaysia, especially those who are known terrorists.

"Do not conspire to protect the bad guys who invade our country. If indeed they are our relatives, why they are willing to kidnap, threaten security, and even kill us?," he asked.

Shafie who is also the Semporna MP said intruders from neighboring countries are terrorists because there is no religion in the world that encourages its followers to kidnap and kill other human beings.

He also called for more youth to enroll into the Wataniah as a major stronghold in the country gateways and thus enable any intrusion attempts to be detected earlier by the authorities.

"The presence of authorities such as the police are limited in island regions.

Thus, the village population are the eyes and ears of the government to inform any presence of foreigners because they know who belongs to the village community and who are not residents of their village.

"Therefore, as a Malaysian, no matter where we are, it is our responsibility to report any information related to the invasion that occurred in our respective areas.

"We have to be security agents to the authorities and to take a stand to prioritise on Malaysia's security and sovereignty, not only on the East Coast, but in everywhere we are," he said told the press at the Community Hall here on Saturday.

Meanwhile, he invited all citizens of this country to stand firmly behind Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak in facing the challenges that befell the country recently, especially in the wake of MAS Flight MH17 tragedy that killed 298 lives.

"Malaysians must unite to face these trial. Hopefully our Prime Minister will have strength in going through the challenges of unexpected events," he said.

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