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NGO: These resorts hiring workers without documents
Published on: Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Semporna: Resorts, which operate without the Temporary Operating Licence (TOL) on islands around the district are allegedly hiring foreign workers without documents.

Bumiputra Sabah Bajau Semporna Association (Perbubas) President Santiri Mansor said the Government must take decisive action as soon as possible for fear that this will invite a range of issues, in particular violations of law.

This is because of concerns that foreign workers without valid documents would end up as spies or informers to all forms of security threats, including kidnapping and terrorist aggression.

He believes the authorities realised this but until now there has been no decisive action taken on resorts without TOL, although he himself claimed to have voiced these issues in 2012.

Mansor said the Government, through the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment and Semporna District Office should demolish any illegal structures.

"We hope the relevant parties who are responsible reassess the discretion to allow these resorts to operate (without TOL)," he said.

He claimed, there is an island that has many resorts there but about 10 of them are operating without TOL.

Mansor said if it the resorts do not have a TOL or do not renew their TOL, but continue to operate illegally, the matter was a criminal offence and they should be penalised.

He also suggested that all settlements or villages in the resort areas be relocated to other places, including the holders of MyKad for fear that some of them might be criminal masterminds.

"We ask all residents of the affected areas to be relocated ... clear the island (the villagers) and let the resorts that have licence to operate, while those with no licence, get torn down immediately," he said.

Mansor urged the Government to immediately announce the findings of the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) regarding the influx of illegal immigrants in Sabah and implement positive action to address these issues.

He also suggested that the officers or members of the security forces not to be deployed too long in a certain area in order to avoid them being "over-friendly" for bad intents or interest.

"I do not want to accuse them (officers/members of the security forces) of abbetting but we want to avoid any bad things or possibilities that may threaten security," he said.

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