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Demand for beef may see a price increase
Published on: Friday, July 25, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: The price of beef is expected to increase within the next few days.

Currently it is being sold at RM14 per kg, said one of the hawkers who heard that the prices will increase soon.

"If suppliers increase their rates, we will have to increase ours. We are unaware of the actual date this will be taking place though. The pricing depends on the grade of the beef," he told Daily Express during a random survey at the Central Market, here, Thursday.

As for the price of chicken, all stalls in general are selling it at RM9 per kg.

Another hawker said they can sell one kilo of chicken at RM9.80 (Ayam Super) as stated on the controlled items price list, but they choose to sell it at RM9 per kg.

The price of beef (Allana grade 64) is RM16 per kg while the price of beef (Allana grade 65) is RM17 per kg.

Chicken (Super) is being sold at RM9 per kg, Chicken Breasts at RM9.50 per kg, Chicken Thighs at RM9.50 per kg, Sausages (Wise) at RM3 per packet, Chicken Wings at RM11 per kg, drumsticks at RM11.50 per kg and buffalo meat from India (Grade 65) at RM14.50 per kg.

Meanwhile, Hari Raya cookies have also been popular ahead of the festivity. The price range of these cookies is between RM16 to RM35 per container.

Bargaining can be done and most hawkers are willing to give a RM2 to RM5 discount for each type of cookie.

The ones sold at the Central Market are slightly different than those sold in some other places.

This can be seen in the ingredients. Most cookies sold at the Central Market use butter, ghee or milk instead of the common use of margarine.

Home-made cookies made of butter, ghee or milk are said to be more tasty.

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