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Appalled by woman's claims
Published on: Sunday, July 27, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: The MCA division's women movement is appalled at how a 63-year-old woman was allegedly treated by DAP leaders and party members as reported by local newspapers on Saturday.

According to division Wanita Chief Dr Pamela Yong, if this was indeed the case, it was completely against the virtue of political leaders to disregard, ridicule and threaten one of their constituents who took the opportunity, due to their presence at the time, to air some grievances on the state of cleanliness in Segama.

"They should have taken down the comments or complaints from Madam Hee seriously, and should have assisted her in addressing her issues with the relevant authority," said Dr Yong said in a statement.

"For the marital status of Madam Hee to be raised as an issue, and a source of entertainment to this group, this was most irrelevant and, if anything, was done purely to embarrass the poor woman," she said.

According to her, MCA KK division felt that this display was disgraceful and showed a side of DAP that seemingly has no interest in serving the people.

"Today, the MCA KK division has met with Madam Hee, together with DBKK representatives to further understand her grievances, and to arrive at solutions for improvement.

"We have also spoken to the Mayor, Datuk Abidin Madingkir, and he has promised to conduct a walkabout to assess the situation and will arrange a gotong royong as well as a once a week clean-up of the area concerned.

"He will also see to the eradication of the stray animals that are taking refuge and defecating in these stairwells.

The Mayor hopes to also engage and educate the people regarding maintenance and cleanliness of these common ways and stairwells, and sincerely hopes that everyone gives their full support to DBKK," she disclosed.

Dr Yong added that another point of great concern to MCA Wanita is the issue of violence against women.

Society today is taught that this is unacceptable, yet as this report describes, it is disheartening that it still occurs in such open circumstances, she said.

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