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Hailstones from the sky in Tambunan
Published on: Monday, August 11, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: Hailstones as big as the old 50 sen coin rained down in several villages in Tambunan on Sunday.

According to a teacher at SM Martin, Gimus Gotil, he was at the school's living skill workshop when it rained at about 3.30pm.

At first he thought it was just normal rain but he was perplexed by the loud sound on the zinc roof and upon checking, he saw ice stones coming down to the ground.

According to him, similar incident occurred at Kampung Gagaraon, Kampung Sunsuron and Kampung Tombotuan.

Another teacher, Surita Kadau, in Kampung Sunsoron said the incident happened around 4pm after strong winds.

She said the temperature at that time was normal but when heavy rain came she could hear splattering sound on her roof caused by the hailstones.

It lasted for about seven minutes.

Some kampung folks also reported dead chicks believed hit by the hailstones.

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