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Time for Umno Youth to move higher: Yamani
Published on: Monday, August 11, 2014

Keningau: Sabah Umno Youth Chief Hj Yamani Hafez Datuk Musa said the time is ripe for Umno Youth in the State to move higher in terms of dynamism as well as role within the government administration.

"The Sabah Economic Planning (EPU) has issued a statement that 60 per cent of the young voters in Sabah will determine the future of the state in the next four years.

"Concerning this matter, we are urging that 30 per cent of the young leadership must be given the opportunity to become candidates in the 14th General Election, as well as directors in government GLCs (Government Limited Companies).

"Such insistence is not made blindly without deep research, but we see this as a very urgent matter which needs to be considered at the highest level. This motion is being made in unison all across the country and it will also be brought up in my own constituentcy," he said.

He was speaking when officiating the Persidangan tahunan Pergerakan Pemuda Umno Keningau 2014 that was held at a hotel, here, Saturday.

Yamani, who is also Sipitang Umno Youth Chief, said another motion to be mentioned in every Umno Youth delegate's meeting is the Peaceful Act that is currently being finalised.

"Under the Act, if any quarter issues any statement that smacks of racism or religious bigotry, stern action will be taken against the perpetrator as such action will lead to the destruction of unity among the people of Malaysia," he said.

Yamani also warned all Umno Youth members no to be arrogant when discharging their duties because it will not contribute to the success of Umno's future.

"For anyone to turn out successful in the struggle of a political endeavour, there is no escape from sacrifice as well as giving high level of commitment in realising his or her objectives.

"As Youth members, we must strive to close the gap because unity is vital towards ensuring all the planning as well as struggle turn out positive," he said.

Meanwhile, Keningau Umno Youth Chief, Nik Nadzri Nik Zawawi, said the Keningau wing movement will be standing 100 per cent behind the leadership of the Yamani.

"This is our first meeting after being elected and from the just completed assembly.

We unanimously pledge our loyalty to Yamani's leadership to lead us onto new heights," he said.

Also present were Sabah Community Development Leader, Rakmadin Mohd Yassin, Sabah Umno Youth Information Chief Mohd Arshad Bestari, Assistant Treasurer Umno Youth Sabah cum Ranau Umno Youth Chief, Faez Datuk Nordin, Keningau Vice Umno Chief, Amir Jani and others.

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