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Labuan Mat Rempit getting bolder
Published on: Monday, August 11, 2014

Labuan: The Mat Rempit illegal racers are getting bolder and defiant of authorities to the point of taunting the police to get them.

In a joint operation with the Civil Defence Corps on Sunday, police set up roadblocks at five locations from 1am to 4am, headed by Deputy Police Chief DSP Douglas Nyeging Taong and coordinated by ASP Sammy Newton.

At the Tanjong Aru bridge, a gang of them were throttling their machines towards the police and audaciously made U-turn before speeding off in different directions.

Two police patrol cars gave chase.

Six youths were riding their bikes without licence. They claimed they were out to fish at the bridge.

A big firecracker was also found on the roadside.

Two foreign women who looked like GROs and two young local girls were also taken to the police station for not having passports and MyKad with them.

Favourite illegal racers haunts were Bukit Kuda, Kinabenua, Lajau and Kg Pantai where roadblocks were set up.

In the three-hour operation, 20 summonses were issued, with 70 cars, five vans and 30 motorcycles inspected for traffic offences, including drugs. 116 men and 16 women had their identities checked.

Of the underage girls who were out in the wee hours with men, Douglas gave them an earful as a week ago a 13-year-old girl had been raped by her boyfriend at the Bukit Kuda Arena.

He said the police would not let up in its effort to check the Mat Rempit from getting out of hand. Up to July, 21 such operations had been conducted. Fifty-six illegal racers were rounded up and 905 summonses issued.

"The law is very clear on owners who let their machines be used by riders without licences. This also includes parents.

Once their children in their teens, they are given too much freedom for their own good," he said.

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