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Remain united and focused in duties, CP tells his men
Published on: Friday, August 15, 2014

Lahad Datu: State Police Commissioner Datuk Jalaluddin Abdul Rahman urged his men to cooperate with each other to ensure good performance and crime prevention is maintained.

Jalauddin, during his speech in conjunction with his official visit to Lahad Datu Police Headquarters on Thursday, said all members must remain united and focused in performing the duties to protect the security and sovereignty of the country.

"Work as brothers and sisters, do not quarrel with each other so that our objective to fight crime and protect public safety will be achieved. We also need to interact and collaborate with the public to ensure security and sovereignty of the country is preserved," he said.

Jalaluddin said various challenges and obstacles will be faced during policing duties and, therefore, each member must cooperate and be honest in carrying out their duties so that any challenges and obstacles could be overcome.

He also urged his men to work hard to combat crime and not become the stooge to criminals or be involved in any criminal activity.

Meanwhile, Jalaluddin said Lahad Datu was included in the Eastern Sabah Security Zone (Esszone), which is coordinated by Eastern Sabah Security Command (Esscom).

Therefore, the police should cooperate and assist Esscom in their operation so that the efforts to combat crime can be implemented effectively.

During his visit, Jalaluddin also witnessed the handing-over of duty ceremony for the Lahad Datu Police Chief post between ACP Shamsudin Mat and ACP Hamzah Ahmad.

Hamzah, who was born on 1966 and has served in the force for 26 years, will be replacing Shamsudin who will be transferred to Alor Star in Kedah after serving in the district since November 2009.

Hamzah said with the leadership and cooperation from all parties, he would do his best to continue the efforts to combat crime and provide peace and harmony to the community.

Shamsudin said despite some challenging incidents while serving here, including the intrusion incident, this district will still be remembered for the cooperation from all parties, including the public that managed to bring down the crime rate in the district.

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