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Sabah Customs collects RM524m in revenue so far
Published on: Friday, August 15, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: The State Customs Department has collected RM524million in revenue so far this year, which is more than half the targeted revenue of RM850million. State Customs Department Director Datuk Dr Janathan Kandok expressed confidence in achieving the target despite it being just five months before the year ends.

"The revenue is mostly collected from sales, services, excise and outstanding levy and it is the trend where revenue would increase particularly during the festive season.

"Thus, we are confident that we can achieve the target, especially now that we have five deputy directors instead of just three," he said.

Janathan said this after attending a talk-session with Deputy Director Ayob Tabri (Customs and Goods and Services Tax) and staff at the Customs Department in Tanjung Aru here, on Thursday.

He added that the revenue collection increased to RM837million last year compared to only RM400million in 2012, adding that among factors contributing to the increase was due to service tax of RM120million collected.

On another development, he said people should not link any increase of prices to the implementation of GST.

"Malaysia has the second lowest GST rate in the world of only six per cent while Canada has the lowest rate with only five per cent.

"A total of 160 countries out of 196 countries in the world have already implemented GST, so it would not be wrong for Malaysia to implement the plan as well," he said.

He said the increase in prices is determined by several factors, the supply and demand and greed among business operators who purposely increase prices.

"Another factor which might lead to increased prices is due to high prices imposed on imported goods, particularly frozen food, if the country we import from charges a high price, then of course the price will be high here," he said.

He said fuel price might also influence an increase in prices, adding however that Malaysia has the lowest fuel price compared to other Asian countries.

"Like I said, if operators purposely take advantage of the fuel price, for example if fuel price is increased by 30sen, will it be reasonable for business operators to increase the price of fried rice which was once RM3 to RM6?," he questioned.

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