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Philippines' cosmetics, powder seized from man and wife
Published on: Friday, August 15, 2014

Tawau: A total of 819 bottles of Philippines' cosmetics and a total of 1,680 cups of powder were seized from a husband and wife aged 28 and 34 at Siamil Island water off Semporna, last Monday.

Tawau Maritime Enforcement Chief Captain Anor Jaafar said, a Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency team patrolling the area made the seizure.

"Inspections led to the discovery of the items believed smuggled into the country," he said, adding that the couple was on the boat during the inspection.

Anor said, the duo also failed to produce any identification document and approval documents from the Health Ministry for the cosmetics, adding that the case is being investigated under the Pharmacy Act.

The seizure comprises 840 cup of Tawas Cup Powder 50gram (red), 840 cup of similar product but in yellow colour, hydrogen peroxide 120ml (135 bottles), CLA Riderm 3 of 60ml (279 bottles).

Also seized, were red Casino 500 ml (75 bottles), white Casino 500ml (70 bottles), red Casino 150ml (180 bottles) and white Casino 150ml (80 bottles).

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