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Schoolgirl's suicide attempt: Dept to provide full report
Published on: Thursday, August 21, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: The Sabah Education Department will provide a full report on Monday's suspected suicide attempt by a 15-year-old girl of SMK Sanzac at the SME Bank building along Jalan Lintas Pendek, here.

Its Director Datuk Jame Alip said he had instructed his officer to go to the ground and speak to the school's authorities, including teachers and counsellors, to find out the reason/s behind the incident.

"I am waiting for a full report from the officer who will meet and talk to Principal as well as the teachers and counsellors about the female student who claimed she jumped off the building due to pressure from her classmates.

"We can only then decide the next course of action," he said, Wednesday.

The schoolgirl jumped off the first floor of the building but survived as it only knocked her unconscious with a fractured jaw and other injuries.

It was reported that police rushed to the scene close to midnight and found the girl unconscious but still breathing.

An ambulance rushed her to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital 2.

City Police Chief ACP M. Chandra said the victim had asked her elder sister to accompany her to release stress when going out at about 10pm. "The sisters climbed up to the first floor of the SME building and, after a while, the elder sister wanted to go back home and went down first.

"But while she was downstairs, the determined girl decided to throw herself down and her elder sister saw the fall," he said.

Daily Express understands the incident stemmed from a Facebook posting by a fellow student and that the victim wanted to confront the student over the matter.

However, she felt frustrated when the other student failed to turn up in school.

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