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Not time for leadership change
Published on: Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ranau: Umno Ranau said this is not the time to talk about changing the Chief Minister but to work hard because there are many other important things that must be done for the people.

Towards this end, Umno Ranau Chief Datuk Seri Masidi Manjun said the division expressed its fullest support to the leadership of Datuk Seri Musa Aman to continue leading Umno Sabah and the State as Chief Minister.

On Friday, Umno Kota Belud chief Datuk Seri Salleh Tun said Keruak and Umno Tuaran Chief Datuk Hajiji Mohd Noor also expressed continued support for Musa's leadership.

Masidi said there might be some out there trying to dispute Musa's leadership but the fact is that he is a leader with values and principles.

"He is not someone who will easily give the approval if it is not related to the interest and prosperity of the people. He looks after the people's money and someone who is very trustworthy," said Masidi.

"He is not chasing popularity. He is a firm man and he will not say 'yes' to something that is not for the benefit of the people," he told the Umno Ranau delegates conference, Saturday.

"We must learn from history that an excellent leader is not someone who is chasing popularity but someone who is trustworthy and responsible. Don't dispute and don't instigate our leaders by saying as though there are better candidates," he said.

Also present were 32 members from the Umno Keningau Wanita and Youth movements.

In PAPAR, Umno Papar also expressed full support for Musa as Chief Minister and Umno Liasion Chairman for Sabah. Its Divisional Chief Datuk Abdul Rahim Ismail said the division has unanimously shown its solid and undivided support for Musa to continue his leadership in steering the State towards further excellence.

"The division strongly supported a special motion tabled in the 23rd delegates meeting of the division here. The motion was made based on the grassroots support that believes in Musa's leadership and continuous proven track records in developing Sabah," said Rahim, who is also Pantai Manis Assemblyman, at the meeting at a multipurpose hall, Saturday.

A total of 626 delegates from 159 branches attended, officiated by Musa.

Rahim, who is also Sabah Barisan Nasional (BN) Backbenchers' Club Chairman, said the division also expressed firm support for Musa to lead the party in Sabah.

"Musa has many times proven his leadership to develop Sabah as we have seen and witnessed the results of his high commitment that led to the continuous growth of the State economy annually.

"I am saying this based on the 2014 State Budget tabled by Musa at RM4.622 billion compared to RM4.088 billion for last year. This clearly showed that Musa gave priority to economic stability in the State."

He said Musa is a people's leader who dedicated his efforts and initiatives to providing better infrastructures and basic amenities and to elevate the living standard of the people.

Furthermore, Rahim said Musa has commendable holistic strategies and approaches to eradicate poverty in Sabah through existing cooperation and good ties with the Federal Government to carry out high impact projects like Mini Estet Sejahtera (Mesej) and Agropolitan.

"The people and party members here truly appreciate Musa for his role and approaches to negotiate amicably with the Federal Government until Sabah got a 10 per cent stake in the Liquefied Natural Gas Sdn Bhd 9 (LNG 9) in Bintulu, Sarawak, recently.

"We are very proud and have always believed in his strong leadership to get what Sabah needs.

The main key to unity and strength in Sabah is respecting and fully supporting Musa's leadership.

"The reason is simple√Čbecause the central leadership believes and is confident in Musa's dynamic leadership," Rahim said.

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