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Must it come to this?
Published on: Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Penampang: Jalan Minintod in the vicinity of Taman Country Shangri-la is often called the "sinking road" because it tends to get flooded even if it rains for less than an hour.

The situation had been highlighted several times in Daily Express but keeps falling on deaf ears.

Repeated calls to the authorities to improve the drainage system has so far gone unheeded, according to residents.

The inevitable happened again Monday afternoon and a concerned resident emailed this photo to the Daily Express.

It shows one of the vehicles having veered off the road and landed in a deep drain (pic).

Apparently the poor motorist could not distinguish the flooded drain from the submerged road. Fortunately it did not happen to a child walking on foot.

"We hear announcements of huge allocations to improve the road and drainage systems in Sabah by the Federal Government but how come the people continue to face such misery?" asked the resident.

"If something gets done only if a life is lost, then it should not be long for such to happen."

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