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Stay of HK tourists at resort marred by incident
Published on: Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: Two Hong Kong tourists had a wonderful stay at one of the resorts in Pulau Gaya when an incident just before they checked out ruined their holiday on Sunday.

The women, aged 21 and 26, were traumatised when a housekeeping staff of the resort allegedly entered the bathroom in their room.

Relating the incident to reporters on Monday, both women who worked as hotel receptionists in Hong Kong said they had just gone for a swim earlier on Sunday and upon returning to their room they saw birds eating leftovers of their breakfast at the room balcony.

They called a male staff they assumed to be from housekeeping to tidy up the balcony who, in turn, called his colleague at the corridor to help them.

After that the women went to take their shower as it was time for them to check out after staying there since Aug. 29.

After showering, they claimed the staff was still inside their room apparently making the bed and was puzzled since they had not checked out yet.

The suspect also signaled them to come out of the bathroom.

Since they were in a hurry, they went out and quickly grabbed their clothes and returned to the bathroom but did not lock the door.

While they were changing, they claimed the suspect suddenly entered the bathroom and locked the door.

When they asked him what he was doing in the bathroom, the suspect told them that he was going to make the towels.

They told him that it was not convenient for him to do so since they were still inside the bathroom and that was when the suspect allegedly tried to touch the 26-year-old woman shoulder.

She stepped back and her friend screamed and shouted "no" before the suspect finally left the room.

Horrified by the incident, they quickly put on their clothes and reported the incident to the reception counter.

They claimed that only after 40 minutes did the management of the resort, including the security manager, come to see them.

They identified both men immediately in a parade conducted by the resort management but after that they felt their report was not taken seriously and wanted to claim for compensation for the second day.

Upon arrival here, they went to lodge a report at the Karamunsing police station before checking into one of the hotels where they chanced upon SAPP vice president Chong Pit Fah who immediately called the party's former Wanita chief now deputy president Melanie Chia.

On Monday, Chia and Chong accompanied them to the police station as their statements had been taken and they also immediately identified a picture of the suspect that was shown to them.

City Police Chief, ACP M Chandra said a 20-year-old room attendant from Papar had been detained to facilitate investigation under Section 354/511 of the Penal Code.

Chia urged resort operators to deal with cases such as this promptly failing which it would further hurt Sabah's tourism industry.

"Although nothing serious happened, which is very fortunate, must we wait for something to happen before action is taken?" she asked.

Chong, on the other hand, urged the resort operator to install CCTV at the corridor of the room.

"We were told that there was no CCTV camera at the corridor of the resort concerned," he said. The women left for Hong Kong on Monday night.

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