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Even EPF Sabah filled with p'sula officers, says SAPP
Published on: Saturday, January 31, 2015

Kota Kinabalu: Peninsular Malaysians now it seems not only snap up teaching positions in Sabah but also fill up officer positions in the Employee Provident Fund's local office.

These claims were made by Sabah Progressive Party Deputy President Amde Sidik, Friday, putting the trend down to the lack of the Borneonisation spirit.

His claim came following a query to the EPF as to why officer positions are being filled up by those from the peninsula while many Sabahans with diplomas and degrees were never given promotion.

"The usual reason is that peninsula officers had a high-quality performance record compared to Sabahans," said Amde on the EPF response.

"Perhaps many other federal departments and agencies still practise the sameā€¦this is where the spirit of Borneonisation is obviously lacking.

"We have yet to talk about preferential treatment like allowances between the peninsula teachers and Sabah and Sarawak," he added.

Furthermore, Amde also voiced his concern that Sabah may have become a dumping ground for problematic officers from the peninsula.

His comments came following an online news portal report that a high-ranking Communications and Multimedia Commissions officer was transferred to Sabah after he was found to have abused his position to misuse government assets.

"My question is why Sabah becomes the dumping ground for a problematic officer from the peninsula as if Sabah is a holy place for repentance, otherwise this slot could accommodate one more Sabahan to get employment," he said.

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