Elephants were a  signal: CM
Published on: Friday, March 22, 2019
By: Larry Ralon

The Cm said it is important for people to live in harmony with nature while at the same time practise sustainable development. He said the mindset of the current State Government is quite clear, that is “we need to preserve the resources that we have. 

“That is why the State Government has taken a bold move to ensure that we should not encourage people to extract logs from the jungle itself. 

“The clear indications that elephants ran out from jungles, a signal given to us that they don’t have ample supply of food in the jungle. That they don’t have ample supply of area where they can live. 

“I think gone are the days when we have the mindset that we rely on resources revenue coming from timber, chopping wood in this part of the world. 

“We can’t give excuses that we can’t survive without chopping trees. We can’t get revenues without exporting logs. We are so blessed with all the resources that God has given us. We are not only dependent on forest. We have oil, gas. 

He said if Sabah can preserve the forest there will be many more people visiting Sabah as tourists and researchers. One can imagine the amount of money brought to this area will be far higher than if we were to export timber.”

“We are not here alone. There are other species too, those wildlife. They are Sabahans too but unfortunately they don’t have ICs. I think we must go along. Changes have been happening around the world. One can imagine that what we have now in Sabah, the drought, and there are so many places facing floods and so on. 

“If we don’t rectify all the mistakes done all this while, our generations will suffer in the future,” he said. – Larry Ralon


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