SESB: Another 17 solar stations to be built soon
Published on: Friday, March 22, 2019
By: Johan Aziz

KENINGAU: Another 17 solar hybrid stations will be built in the State by Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB), said its General Manager (Generation) Jait Aziz.

Work on the projects, mostly located in islands around Sabah, is expected to begin this year or early next year.

“The projects are in Mantanani, Kampung Sireh, Kampung Selamat, Malawali, Kampung Tigabu, Bahanan/Sharif, Kampung Hujung, Kampung Malalin, Kampung Limau-Limau, Kampung Libaran, Kaniogan, Terusan, Kampung Baru, Kampung Tronglit, Kampung Trongliman, Kampung Maligan and Kampung Long Mio,” Jait told reporters, here, Monday.

He said several villages in the rural areas that could not be connected to the SESB grid would also enjoy electricity supply through the solar hybrid system.

According to him, SESB generates electricity for the rural areas in three ways, namely through the nearest grid, the solar hybrid system and the use of diesel gene-sets, with the largest being the solar hybrid system.

“Last year, we operated 29 solar hybrid stations throughout Sabah, with the cost of maintaining and operating the stations amounting to almost RM20 million.

“But what we collected from the consumers was only around RM2.3 million,” he said during a visit to the SESB solar hybrid system in Pagalungan sub-district, in Pensiangan.

“We also have contractors to take care, monitor and repair the solar systems which can last long if well maintained.

“Monitoring is done on a regular basis every month. We will go the stations and additionally at each station, there is also a caretaker, especially those located in the remote areas,” he said.

According to Jait, electricity supply can be connected to the nearest grid system if it is about 10 to 20 kilometres.

On the payment under the grid and solar system, he said it is the same where consumers are charged according to the SESB grid tariff.

“Whatever generating system, whether solar or the grid, the tariff and payment is the same.

“SESB will continue to work together and support any government initiative in any programme involving electricity supply in the State.

“Our current target is to achieve 95 per cent electricity access throughout Sabah and 99 per cent by 2021, “he said.

Jait said every year SESB would request from the Sabah State Economic Planning Unit (EPU) for a list of the villages still without electricity supply and forward it to the Ministry of Rural Development for the Rural Electricity Supply programme.

“SESB will work closely with the EPU to list out the villages that should be given priority in the provision of electricity supply.” 


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