Government is urged to upgrade Tamus
Published on: Saturday, March 23, 2019

TAMPARULI: The State Government should give upgrading tamus in Sabah urgent attention to encourage productivity and entrepreneurship among farmers which will, in turn, increase the numbers of customers and tourists to our tamu grounds.

The Sabah Bumiputra Farmers and Stockbreeders Association (Petanah) appealing to the Tuaran District Council, in particular, to look into the longstanding problem of hawkers at its weekly tamu who have been selling their produce and wares in the open without any proper stalls.

Petanah president David Gaibin Ransoi said in a statement that many of the poor kampung hawkers, have for many decades now, been operating under the sun, or worse, under the rain.

“Some of them, including foreigners, can afford to own or rent hawking umbrellas, but many poor hawkers who come from the hills simply can’t afford it,” Ransoi said. 

“There are there to make a few ringgit by hoping it wouldn’t rain.

“As such, Petanah appeal to the Tuaran District Council and the chief minister to immediately look into building proper sheds at the Tamparuli tamu, which is held every Wednesday at the riverside tamu designated area.”

He lamented the fate of the hardworking kampong folks who produce food on small plots and travel long distances to the tamu just to make a few ringgit for their families. He feels that the honest native folks have been neglected for too long.

“The present tamu ground is very disorderly with the ground surface very uneven, making it very difficult for customers to move around. On rainy days it become very muddy and slippery at some spots,” Ransoi said.

“Hawkers are part and parcel of the age-old tamu tradition, which is a valuable aspect of local tourism, and not forgetting their contribution to the state’s food production.

“Unfortunately, the local authority has taken them for granted, and have forgotten their pressing need for proper stalls like the ones in Donggongon tamu,” Gaibin said.  


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