Govt’s economic agenda must be needs-based; racial politics must go: Anwar
Published on: Tuesday, March 26, 2019

PETALING JAYA: The government’s economic agenda must be needs-based and not race-based and racial politics must be shed for the country to move forward, says Anwar Ibrahim.

“It is politically convenient to rile people up. But I will not compromise on this issue - our economic agenda must be needs-based, not race-based.

“We must shed racial politics and fear-mongering, in order for Malaysia to progress,” the PKR president tweeted on Monday (March 25).

Anwar’s post was also accompanied by an infographic of his recommendations of poverty issues affecting the country at the Dewan Rakyat on March 18.

The graphics read that there was a need to move on from the Malay agenda to the Rakyat agenda to eradicate poverty for everyone, adding that Malays would automatically stand to benefit if poverty was eradicated for all Malaysians.

It added that the distribution of income and gains that was concentrated on the elite Malays before this, have to be changed to ensure that there was equal opportunity for all.

It also read that a strong economy for all Malaysians was the key to guarantee the stability of the country.

Despite the Port Dickson MP’s calls for an economic agenda that is “needs-based and not race-based”, PKR deputy president Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali had previously said Pakatan must be brave and not be hesitant in fulfilling its promises, especially on the Malay and bumiputra agenda.

The Economic Affairs Minister had also said that they “must do so without feeling apologetic or be fearful of criticism from others”.

In another post on Twitter, Anwar had also shared his thoughts about the political infighting in the Conservative Party or Tory Party to oust UK Prime Minister Theresa May.

“Like many political parties, the Tories would be in a stronger position if some members focused on their principles and responsibilities to the country.

Political infighting for personal gain has been the downfall of many a government,” he tweeted. – The Star



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