‘Anifah never handed money personally’
Published on: Wednesday, April 10, 2019
By: Jo Ann Mool

KOTA KINABALU: A former Umno Jalinan Rakyat agent told an Election Court here Tuesday that former Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman never personally handed money to her during the GE14 but did so through his henchmen.

Juniah @ Masnah Umpai (pic), 65, who was testifying before Sibu-based High Court Judge Datuk Lee Heng Cheong, agreed with Anifah’s counsel’s suggestion during cross-examination that Anifah never handed any money to her throughout the GE and she claimed that Anifah did so through his henchmen.

Ansari: When and where and who were the people being ordered by Anifah to give the money to you throughout the GE14?

Juniah: When, I could not recall, where…also, I could not recall, who…its Hajah Suraya Umno Kimanis Wanita chief and the money for voters were from Datuk Mohd Haji Alamin’s parent-in-law’s house.

Ansari: Did you saw with your own eyes Anifah handed the money to Hjh Suraya?

Juniah:  I did not saw.

Ansari: Did you saw Anifah personally handed over money to Datuk Mohd Hj Alamin and Datuk Norhaidi?

Juniah: I did not saw…only that they told me that the money was from Datuk Anifah.

Juniah, who was also a former Native Chief Representative (WKAN) disagreed with Ansari when suggested that she did not give ‘saguhati’ money to anyone on May 7, 8, and 9, 2018 apart from paying the workers their wages of RM200 each.

Ansari: Then why you said to the voters that the money was from Datuk Anifah whereas you did not receive anything directly from him during the GE14?

Juniah: That was the message given by the person who gave the money.

Juniah, who was the Umno Kimanis Wanita committee member, also told the court that she still an Umno member and that the information that she had joined Parti Warisan was not true.

When asked to explain on her reason, being an Umno Kimanis Wanita committee member, to contact the petitioner Datuk Karim Bujang to be a witness in the present case, Juniah said because the matter happened and that she realised it was wrong since a month before the GE14.

She said she did not lodge a police report about it because the GE14 was at its intense moment.

Ansari: Then why until today you did not lodge a report to the police or the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission?

Juniah: I have to think long and hard before I decided to meet with Datuk Karim…as I did not know the method (of lodging a report).

Earlier, in her witness statement, Juniah, who was one of the Umno Jalinan Rakyat’s (JR) agents in the GE14, stated among others that JR agents task was to distribute ‘saguhati’ money to the people under their care.

She stated that on May 7, 2018, she was asked by polling district chief Hj Jeno Miajin to go to Datuk Mohd Hj Alamin’s parent-in-law’s house at Kg Kuala Kimanis to collect ‘saguhati’ money to be distributed to JR chief, her agents and voters under her care.

She said she was given RM156,000 and that Alamin, Hjh Suraya and Norhaidi were there monitoring the situation.

She added that she distributed the money – RM200 to each voter, who were classified as ‘white’ under her care on May 8, 2018, at their respective houses.

Juniah also stated that she gave the RM200 ‘saguhati’ to the voters and told them that RM100 of the money were from BN candidates for state and parliamentary seat namely Datuk Haji Alamin and Datuk Anifah Aman and that she reminded the voters to vote and support the BN candidates.

She added in her witness statement that she was informed by Alamin while at his parents-in-law’s house that the ‘saguhati’ money was from Datuk Anifah Aman.

She also stated that a day after the polling day, on May 10, 2018, she received a WhatsApp text from Hjh Suraya to burn all the JR evidence, lists of my voters and my JR, handbills as the MACC would come and investigate.

She said she followed the instructions and burned the thing that was told to burn.

Karim named Anifah, the Returning Officer (RO) and Election Commission (EC) of Malaysia were named as the first, second and third respondent, respectively in the election petition.

He is seeking that former Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman was not duly elected as the Member of Parliament for the constituency of Kimanis and that it be declared that the said election held on May 9 is void.

Karim was represented by Frederick Chang Wilson Lai, while together with Ansari in representing Anifah were Peter Lee, Roland Cheng, Rizwandean B.Borhan, Safrin Saleh Nain, Mohd Amirul Amin, Tengku Fuad Ahmad and Wilson Chai.

The RO and EC were represented by counsel Muammar Julkarnain, Faizal Sarbi and Abdul Fikry Jaafar Abdullah.

Trial continues. 


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