Blow to Sabah and Sarawak: MP
Published on: Friday, April 12, 2019
By: Clarence G Dol

RANAU: Sabah and Sarawak Members of Parliament (MPs) who did not support the amendment to Article 1(2) (A1(2) of the Federal Constitution in Parliament on Tuesday night dealt a major blow to the people of both states.

 Ranau MP Jonathan Yasin said these leaders let go the best chance to rectify the damage done in the 1976 amendment that reduced the status of both states to that of one among 13, rather than one among three as originally specified in the Malaysia Agreement 1963. 

“People in Sabah and Sarawalk since 1976 are dissatisfied with the decline of the status of the two states as only equal to other states in the peninsula when A1(2) of the Federal Constitution was amended in 1976.

 “The PH Government has brought a motion to revise A1(2) to its original status as provided in A1(2) in 1963.”

 Jonathan, who is also Malaysian Cocoa Board Chairman, labelled the cries of opposition parties who previously requested that the amendments be made to restore Sabah’s status as rhetoric because when the amendments were presented in Parliament, they decided to abstain from voting.

 Jonathan, a lawyer, said the implementation of the MA63 had been in serious discussions through several committees looking at Sabah and Sarawak’s  rights on oil, international borders, taxes, revenue and others, in which the committee comprises state government representatives this time.

 “Actually, nothing will be missing when everyone support the proposed amendment to A1(2) to the original status, on the contrary, it would even bring a huge space to MA63’s discussion,” he explained.

 He added that Sarawak’s reasoning that the words “MA63 agreement” be included in the amendment of A1(2) did not make any difference because MA63 is valid until now and applies to both states in rights negotiations.

 “The Sarawak GPS, PBS, Umno, PAS deliberately delayed this amendment for the purpose which they only knew, if they really wanted to reject the proposed amendment of A1(2) why not make a vote of refusal?,” he asked.

 On the select committee proposed by the Sarawak GPS, PBS, Umno and PAS, Jonathan does not think there is a need to bring it there because the amendment is not a new law to be submitted to Parliament but only to restore the old allocation.



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