Bung shouldn’t remain in Sabah: Saddi
Published on: Tuesday, April 16, 2019
By: Zam Yusa

KOTA KINABALU: Sukau Assemblyman Datuk Saddi Abdu Rahman lambasted Kinabatangan MP Datuk Bung Moktar Radin for abstaining from voting during the Constitution Amendment Bills debate in Parliament last week.

Saddi said Bung had wasted a chance to return Sabah’s rights as a territory, not just a state, as mentioned in the Malaysia Agreement 1963.

“Bung is one of the 59 MPs who decided not to vote for the Bill to amend the Federal Constitution to upgrade Sabah’s status into that of a territory,” said Saddi.

“He’s a Sabahan but his action is not that of a Sabahan. Therefore, I think he shouldn’t remain in Sabah.

“This was a great chance for us to fix past mistakes and return Sabah’s rights but it was squandered away.”

Saddi said such action is usually carried out by people with certain self interests and undermines efforts to make Sabah more progressive.

“The difference in development between Sabah and Peninsula is like the difference between heaven and earth,” he said.

“I’m ashamed when my own MP not only failed the Bill but also dashed the hopes of many Sabahans.

“I’m deeply saddened by such action. I hope people will know better when the next opportunity arises.”

Saddi, whose State constituency is within Bung’s Parliamentary area, reminded the Sabah Umno Chairman that his (Bung) party is no longer strong in his constituency.

“Bung said Umno still has a lot of followers in Kinabatangan but this is not true. Many people now are supporting Warisan,” claimed Saddi.

Saddi also urged for the Pan Borneo highway project to be completed in 2024 as targeted in the original table, which is before the 15th General Election.

“Recently, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad announced that the Pan Borneo Highway project in Sabah will be placed under the Federal Government.

“What I expect here is that this project be not rescheduled and delayed because most of the roads are in bad condition.

“In my opinion, the existing road conditions will be worse and more dangerous if the project is delayed.”

Saddi said the Prosperous Mini Estate Programme (Mesej) in Kampung Abai in his constituency has been developed and able to generate revenue to improve the hardcore poor’s economy. 

“Unfortunately, the participants of this programme have yet to be listed because there are still no houses built with good and comfortable road connections,” he said.

“In the package, infrastructures such as houses and roads, including electricity and water supplies should be provided by Government agencies and relevant departments. To date, electricity supply has been channelled to the site.

“I have repeatedly stressed previously that the construction of a road linking the Kampung Abai Mesej with the main road in Kampung Sukau is urgently needed to boost the people’s livelihood-based economic programmes.”

Saddi also requested the Government through the Department of Wildlife to allow people to hunt for and reduce the crocodile population in his constituency.

“The residents rely heavily on river resources for their daily lives,” he said. 

“Residents living along the Kinabatangan River are still facing the threat of crocodiles. Recently there was a case where a resident of the village was fatally attacked by a crocodile in the river.”

The Assemblyman also lamented the poor and old conditions of two secondary schools in his area and hoped the Government would help fix them.


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