Students are forced to bathe by the roadside
Published on: Wednesday, April 17, 2019
By: Sidney Skinner

KOTA KINABALU: Students attending a vocational establishment in the Sepanggar Bay area are resorting to taking a bath at taps by the roadside leading to the campus because of irregular supply to it and surrounding properties.

The pressure of the water coming from taps there is weak, with the supply only available for a few hours late at night or in the wee hours.

A Water Department spokesman said the falling water levels at the reservoir servicing this part of Sepanggar Bay was to blame for water woes.

“We have been forced to ration the supply to consumers in the affected areas, with our personnel controlling the valve along the main distribution line from the reservoir.

“Because of this, the taps in premises from Jalan KKIP to Jalan Sulaman, including the institute, are dry for hours at a time.

He said the agency would monitor the situation till a normal supply was restored to its consumers.

“Should the situation become intolerable, the administration of the vocational establishment should contact our Care Line about having water delivered to the campus via tanker.”

A spokesman for the educational institute said the administration had made multiple phone calls to the Department’s Care Line about the supply problems on campus since the end of March.

He said, when no action was forthcoming, the establishment’s staff even detailed their grievance in an online form at the Department’s website.

“Much to our frustration, we later learned from the Department’s staff that there was no trace of this report in the agency’s system,” he said. 

“With no end to our water woes, we did ask if a tanker could send treated water to the campus.

“This request was turned down. When we expressed our dissatisfaction over this unreasonable attitude, the Department’s staff challenged us to speak directly to the agency’s director.”

The spokesman said between 300-400 students put up at the vocational establishment’s hostel.

“These youngsters have been facing much hardship because of the irregular water supply.

“The staff at our ‘dewan makan’ (dining hall) have also put out by these problems. There is not enough water to prepare the meals properly, let alone cleaned the soiled eating utensils.”

FRED of Sepanggar bemoaned the stress the lack of tap water had caused to himself and his peers attended the vocational establishment.

“We don’t get enough sleep as they have to stay up at night to store water,” he said.

“The lack of rest makes it difficult for us to concentrate on our lessons.

“The Government should really look into this problem, as it would appear that the existing water resources cannot support with the extensive development taking place in this area.”


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