Muis chief will now be called Yang Di-Pertua
Published on: Saturday, April 20, 2019

Kota Kinabalu: KOTA KINABALU: Beginning next month, the Sabah Islamic Religious Council (Muis) Chairman post will be changed to Yang di-Pertua following the passing of a bill to amend the Majlis Ugama Islam Negeri Sabah Enactment 2004 in the State Legislative Assembly here on Thursday.

The State’s Speaker Datuk Seri Syed Abas Syed Ali announced the passing of the bill to be cited as the Majlis Ugama Islam Negeri Sabah (Amendment) Enactment 2019 after receiving no objection from members of the House. It is also deemed to have come into operation on May 20, this year.

The passing of the bill has also changed the designation of Muis Deputy Chairman to be changed to Deputy Yang di-Pertua.

Law and Native Affairs Minister Datuk Aidi Moktar, who tabled the bill, said the bill seeks to amend the Majlis Ugama Islam Negeri Sabah Enactment 2004 (no.5 of 2004) (“Enactment 5/2004) that have five clauses for the purpose of its amendment.

“Clause 1 contains the short title and date of commencement of the proposed Enactment to be named as the Majlis Ugama Islam Negeri Sabah (Amendment) Enactment 2019 and comes into operation on May 20, 2019.

“Clause 2 seeks to change the designation of the Chairman to Yang di-Pertua and Deputy Chairman to Deputy Yang-di-Pertua. 

“This amendment will streamline designated posts in the MUIS with titles of posts that are mostly used in Majlis Agama Islam (Islamic Religious Council) in the country,” he said.

As for Clause 3, Aidi said it seeks to amend Section 11 on its paragraph 11(1)(c) from the Enactment 2004 by increasing the ex-officio membership of the Muis  from five members to six members, while Clause 4 deals with the appointment of Secretary in which the Muis with the approval of the Minister, shall appoint any fit and suitable person to the post (Secretary) and to change the number of Deputy Secretary.

In this respect, he said the amendments of Clause 3 and 4 involved separation of posts where the MUIS Secretary will also be a full-time Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to enforce the Council’s policies and decisions, while the Sabah Islamic Religious Affairs Department (Jheains) Director will be fully responsible on the administration of the department apart from being one of the Supreme Council ex-officio membership to Muis.

As the MUIS ex-officio, he said Jheains director will be directly involved in giving reports to the MUIS Supreme Council pertaining to Islamic affairs in Sabah which also falls under the duties and jurisdiction power of Jheains.

Clause 4, he said involved amendment of Section 17 that enable MUIS to appoint several deputy secretary to cater specification of various works in Muis that is increasing.

“All these amendments are also in line with the Muis aspiration to diversify and empower the organisation structure and its activities in economy and social aspect especially for the Muslims.

The amendments would also enable management cum administration of Muis to be run smoothly, efficient and effective, as the secretary and number of deputies’ secretaries will able to give better focus in carrying out their functions and roles to further empower Muis,” Aidi said.

He said the bill will involve extra financial expenditure in which the amount cannot be ascertained at present.


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