City Hall urged to install metal grating on Tg Aru drains
Published on: Saturday, May 11, 2019
By: Oliver Voon

City Hall has been urged to consider installing metal grating on the drains next to the public toilet in Tanjung Aru town, to avoid members of the public from getting hurt.

“I happened to be passing by the toilet when I saw an elderly man complaining of pain on his left ankle,” said ROS, who later found out that the latter had landed his foot into the uncovered drain. 

She said the man was careful while walking in that area but he lost his balance when he missed a step. 

“I seriously think the authority needs to cover the drains there for public safety because what happened to that man can certainly happen to anyone of us,” she said. 

A City Hall spokeswoman said the suggestion would be submitted to their superiors for assessment. 

“It is advisable for members of the public to be careful while walking in that area,” she added. 

She hoped the publication on this issue in Hotline would catch the attention of pedestrians about the presence of the uncovered drains there. 

“This will be attended to once an approval is given by our superiors,” she said.  (OV) 


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