Road sign   placed in  the middle  of footpath
Published on: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

A regular bus commuter has expressed concern over the dangerous positioning of a road sign in the middle of a footpath at Jalan Kolombong. 

The latter who frequents the walkway to reach his workplace in that industrial centre told Hotline recently that the pole has to be relocated to the side to reduce any risk to pedestrians.

“I’ve seen some unsuspecting pedestrians knock their heads into the pole before,” said RAMLI, who also saw an old lady upset at having to push her shopping trolley into the busy road just to get around the spot. 

Aggravating the situation is the fact that the signage board on top of the pole is severely damaged, assuming that someone has vented his or her anger by hitting on it. 

“I’m not surprised someone did that because the aluminium panel where it displays the road name is right on the path of the pedestrians to walk as well,” he added. 

He hoped the relevant authority would shift the road sign in question to a suitable spot.  “There shouldn’t be any obstacle on the walkway so that pedestrians can walk safely without having to step on the adjacent road surface,” he added. 

A Public Works Department (PWD) spokeswoman said it was grateful to the complainant for highlighting the matter to its attention. 

“Our personnel will be asked to verify whether the maintenance of the road sign is under its work scope,” she added. 

A City Hall spokeswoman, when contacted, said it would deployed its personnel to check whether the structure was erected by its contractor or not. 

Hotline would follow up on the case again later. (OV)  


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