M’ggatal stretch closed due to safety concerns
Published on: Monday, May 20, 2019

City Hall has closed off a road near a supermarket in Manggatal and is arranging to seal the potholes which have formed in the stretch.

A spokeswoman for the agency said metal posts were put up recently to prevent drivers from using the stretch as a shortcut to exit onto Jalan Tuaran due to safety concerns.

“Too many motorists have almost been involved in an accident at this junction,” she said on May 17.

“Our workers will be sent to patch up the damaged sections of the road as soon as possible.”

She said the repairs were being made on humanitarian grounds as the stretch was not listed in the agency’s road register.

“Our staff observed that the road which fronted a shophouse was full of deep potholes.

“We decided to intervene for the benefit of those operating shops in this part of Manggatal.” 


She was responding to complaints from two drivers about the uneven surface of the road.

They claimed to have reported this matter to City Hall, one in October last year, the other in the middle of January.

The spokeswoman said a check of its records revealed that the agency only received the latter’s complaint.

“These details were entered into our system on January 18,” she said.

“The damage to the stretch was confirmed during an inspection which was carried out three days later.”

When asked about the hold-up in attending to the stretch, given as how five months had elapsed since City Hall was first made aware of the problem, she declined to comment.

“We will monitor the progress of the repairs to ensure that the road was promptly restored to order.” 

JINSON of Manggatal said the road was a source of frustration to many drivers as the surface of the stretch was damaged and uneven. 

“The road is filled with potholes and sections of the stretch had eroded away,” he said.

“Those of us who use the stretch often inevitably wind up damaging the undercarriage of our vehicles.”

He said whenever it rained, the potholes resembled small wading pools.

Jinson said the state of the road had gradually been deteriorating over the past few months.

“I reported these road woes to City Hall in January but, so far, the condition of the stretch has yet to be improved.”

Prior to Jinson’s complaint, Hotline had already highlighted this problem to City Hall in October last year after receiving a complaint from one ERIC of Manggatal.

The latter said the condition of the road had been gradually deteriorating.

“I have lodged two complaints with City Hall about this matter,” he said at the time. (SS) 


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