Cement droppings on road pose risk
Published on: Wednesday, May 22, 2019

A Concerned motorist pointed out the nuisance and danger posed by a concrete mixer truck dropping wet concrete along a public road while transporting the material to the construction site nearby. 

The latter who spotted the problem happening along Jalan Kolam, in Luyang, recently, told Hotline that the wet concrete could harden into small boulders later.  

The material that spills from the truck not only damages the road but the deposits on the tarmac also pose a serious risk to road users, especially unsuspecting cyclists and motorcyclists. 

“The material makes the road surface slippery and cause bumpy ride along the way,” stressed SIMON, the complainant. 

He also pointed out that the concrete deposits on the road could cause damage to the wheels and tyres of vehicles.  

“Motorcyclists or cyclists can be easily thrown off when their bike hit into a big lump of concrete deposit on the road surface,” he said.  

He said the lorry driver, including the owner of the truck, should be taken to task for their failure to prevent the material from spilling over. 

“The problem is attributed to overloading and lack of safety measures on the part of them,” he added. 

He said action must be taken to put a stop to such nuisance. 

“City Hall should issue a notice to batching plants and order them to ensure thorough check on their vehicles before plying on public roads before more damage is done to our roads and more users are put in danger,” he added. 

The problem was submitted to the City Hall recently. 

“Our staff at the relevant department would be asked to verify the complaint and to trace who was responsible for the spillage on that main road,” its spokeswoman said. 

The outcome would be submitted to Hotline later.  (OV)


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