Red snappers bought from market sicken whole family
Published on: Wednesday, May 22, 2019

A Likas resident is advised to contact the Health Department regarding her misgivings about the seafood she bought from the general market in Kota Kinabalu.

SUE said her purchase comprised two “red snappers”, weighing in total between five and six kilogrammes.

She and her family dined on one of the two fish that day.

“The following morning, each of us experienced muscle cramps. The pain was so severe for me. It was as if my hands and legs had been chopped off,” she said.

“This made me wonder if some chemical had been injected into the fish to make it look fresh.” 

She said they went to see a doctor who prescribed some medication to ease the discomfort they were feeling.

A Department spokesman said the resident would be required to furnish its staff with the fish in question.

“We will have it tested at our laboratories to determine whether her suspicions are true,” he said.

“Our staff will also check on the seafood being sold at the market in question, before further action can be taken.”

The resident should contact Hotline to find out whom to see about this. (SS) 



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