Warning to Pan Borneo contractors
Published on: Thursday, May 23, 2019
By: Ricardo Unto

KOTA KINABALU: Pan Borneo Highway contractors in the State have been warned to be mindful of their work when handling utility lines or risk having their contracts terminated.

Sabah Infrastructure Development Minister Datuk Peter Anthony (pic) said the warning was issued following numerous complaints of water and electricity disruption in areas surrounding the construction.

He said he received numerous complaints especially in Sipitang, Beaufort and Papar.

“I am giving a strong warning to these contractors to be more careful with the utilities along the construction areas... many of these utilities, especially involving the Water Department, were badly damaged due to their carelessness.

“These damages caused consumers to experience water disruption,” he said after distributing breaking of fast food items to train commuters at the Sembulan Train Station, here, Wednesday.

Peter said the contractors should refer to the relevant authorities to know more about the exact location of utilities.

“We will instruct the contractors to pay for the damage.

“But the main issue is not who will pay for the damages, these problems caused great discomfort to the affected residents,” he said.

“Recently, a damaged utility line caused villagers in Membakut to experience two weeks of water disruption. We will take action against errant contractors who damage the lines. Their actions tarnish the good name of the Government and Ministry,” he added.

Should the contractors need to move the utilities, Peter said they need to prepare a ‘Plan B’. “They need to think about water and electricity supplies.”

“We want the construction of the Pan Borneo Highway to run smoothly, but we must not forget our responsibility towards the public as well as the welfare of the villagers.

“We have issued a warning to them, but we can terminate their contracts immediately if they go against our instructions. It is more important for us to serve the public.”


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