Stop dumping rubbish into drain!
Published on: Monday, June 10, 2019
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Scores of rubbish accumulating at a corner of the flood mitigation drain near the Fortuna Commercial Centre, Jalan Penampang, are cleared on a daily basis. 

The unsightly view of mass rubbish floating on the murky waters inside the structure is prominent from the main road. 

JASON, who lives in Taman Fortuna, told Hotline on June 3 that the flooding problem plaguing certain areas from Lido to Fortuna was partly due to rubbish clogging housing drains, including monsoon drains. 

“I’ve been living in this neighbourhood for more than 20 years and I have never seen the flood mitigation drain free from rubbish and all kinds of junks. 

“What saddens me is that the amount of rubbish has increased 10-fold now compared to 20 years ago,” he added. 

He said he had seen people throwing plastic bags into the monsoon drain on many occasions.  

“I fear that toxic waste is also being discharged into the structure,” he added. 

A City Hall spokesman warned the public to stop treating the monsoon drain as a place to discard unwanted solid objects.  

“Removing an old refrigerator, a water tank, used tyres and other objects from the drain is not something new to us,” he said, adding that the amount of refuse that had been picked up from the structure could reach a tonne.  

He said the drains in Kepayan and near the State Museum also faced similar problem.  

“This is why we fish out all waste materials from the drain on a daily basis,” he added. 

He said its workers are on the lookout for those who litter the drain and those caught would be issued a RM500 compound under its Anti-Litter Bylaws 1984. (OV)



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