Open burning on reclaimed land
Published on: Tuesday, June 11, 2019
By: Sidney Skinner

A Likas resident has voiced his misgivings about the manner in piece of undeveloped land, off Jalan Pasir, was being reclaimed.

PAUL said, instead of being transported to a dumping ground, the greenery cleared from the property was open-burnt.

He said plumes of smoke could be seen for hours coming from the vacant land on a recent Saturday afternoon.

“We were forced to keep our doors and windows of our home closed to minimise the nuisance caused by the smoke,” he said.

“At times the situation got so bad that our eyes began to water even when we were indoors.”

He said several of his neighbours developed bad coughs and sore throats in the week after this incineration was carried out. 

“I suspect that these ailments may be a result of inhaling the fumes from the smoke.

He provided Hotline with the time and date of this incident. This information was forwarded to the Department of the Environment (DOE). 

A Department spokeswoman said the agency would have to verify the resident’s claims.

“Our staff will inspect the neighbourhood to determine if there are any traces of the incinerated garden waste,” she said.

“If so, we will have to monitor the goings-on here to try and catch the culprits.”

Under the Environmental Quality Act, those caught open-burning can be slapped with a compound of up to RM2,000.

Should legal action be initiated, the offenders risk having to settle a maximum fine of RM500, 000, serve a maximum jail term of five years or both. (SS)


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