First speedboat race
Published on: Wednesday, June 12, 2019
By: Ahmad Apong

WESTON: The presence of speedboats from Brunei and Sarawak will promote Weston as a tourism destination, said Lumadan Assemblyman Matbali Musah.

With their presence they will certainly promote Weston to the people there to come to Weston because Weston is very interesting that is in the middle of their route coming to Brunei and Sarawak.

He said this when officiating the first speedboat race in Sabah which was attended by Brunei and Sarawak at Weston.

“This event has been able to attract more visitors to Weston and this is something positive and it should be organised in the future as well,” he said adding that foreign tourists feel safe when in Malaysia and will be happy to witness such events.

Matbali said however, Weston needed to provide homestays and restaurants for local tourism facilities as the existing restaurants and homestays were not enough.

“Weston has a natural beauty with a protected mangrove forest that has wildlife not found in other countries such as Probocis Monkey and Fireflies so Weston’s people need to defend its existence well so it will not just disappear”, he said.

More than 20 high powered speedboats from Brunei and Sarawak alongside boats from Weston and Lubok have participated in Weston’s open and closed races organised by local community leaders.


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