Low-lying cables hazard in K’gau
Published on: Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Telekom Malaysia (TM) Bhd will check on the condition of the telephone poles and cables along a Keningau road.

This follows a complaint from a subscriber in the district about TM’s failure to deal with an overhead line which was hanging down outside the gate to his property.

The individual feared that the cable might snap, disrupting the services to subscribers in the area, if it caught on the top of any big vehicle entering his land.

He voiced his concern to TM staff earlier this year but claimed that no action was forthcoming.

The resident provided Hotline with the location of the affected cable. This information was forwarded to the company.

A TM spokeswoman said its branch in the district would be alerted to this matter.

“Our staff will have to verify his claims, before proceeding with further action,” she said. 

GABE, who lives in the Bingkor area, bemoaned the safety hazards posed by the line which drooped down.

“The low-hanging cable partially obstructs the access to the land,” he said. 

“I fear that an unsuspecting passer-by might come to harm if he/ she accidentally came in contact with the overhead line.

“I suspect that a strong wind blew the pole which supports the cable out of position.”

He said he made to staff at the nearest TM office aware of this problem on several occasions since he first noticed the drooping line “six months ago”.

“In each instance, I was informed that the cable would be dealt with as soon as possible.”

At one stage, when no action was forthcoming, Gabe even contacted TM’s 100 – Customer Assistance Service.

However, as June 10, he said the problem still remained.

“I cannot understand the reason for the hold up. Land cruisers sometimes go up and down the stretch.

“Should the overhead line become snagged on the top of any of the vehicles, not only will it snap, but the telephone poles from which support it will also be dragged down.”  (SS)


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