Errant motorists risking others: Flyover builder
Published on: Wednesday, June 12, 2019
By: Oliver Voon

KOTA KINABALU: Azam Jaya Sdn Bhd, the contractor undertaking the construction of the flyover at Jalan Pintas Penampang is facing uphill task in preventing errant motorists from abusing the temporary road signs at the construction site. 

Its spokesman, when contacted recently, following numerous public complaints about the penchant for motorists making hasty turn into undesignated lane at the construction site concerned at any time of the day, said it had seen and recorded “countless” accidents since the early stage of the road upgrading work.  

“Cars making sudden turns are sometimes dangerous when there is heavy traffic,” he added. 

He said certain drivers would ignore the warning signage at road medians which clearly prohibited them to make a turn while plying through the straight road at the site. 

 “We have sufficient and legible road signs everywhere at all our sites for motorists to follow for their own safety but sadly there are still many who against it. 

He said one of the several complaints they received from members of the public was that they had to drive quite a distance just to make a turnaround. 

 “We need to emphasise the current settings of the road junctions and turnaround junctions there are just temporary as the final ones will be after the completion of the two flyovers on that road later,” he added.  

Apart from providing enough traffic signage at the working sites, he said its workers were also tasked to signal road users who made the illegal turning to refrain from doing that. 

“But so often our efforts to tell them not to do that just fell on deaf ears,” he added. 

He also pointed out that there were some who “ran a red light” at the road junctions concerned. 

“This is one of the problems which we encountered almost daily and very often this stunt has led to an accident,” he said. 

He said a Proton Saga which came from Lintas direction and heading to Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA) was rammed by a speeding Mitsubishi Triton which ran a red light at the construction site at Jalan Penampang Bypass at 6am on Feb 2. 

“A similar accident happened at the same site when the driver of a black Mazda from the direction of Penampang pulled the same stunt and was hit by a lorry which came from the direction of KKIA towards Lintas at about 1.50pm on February 13.  

“The Mazda driver sustained injury resulting from the accident,” he added. 

He also recalled the most recent incident at the flyover site at Jalan Penampang Bypass where a black Perodua Axia hit two Perodua Bezzas which came from the direction of KKIA towards Lintas when the latter did not stop before a red light at 11.50pm on April 17.    

“All these accidents were preventable had the drivers observed the light change at the construction site and avoid making any illegal turning at road junctions,” he added.  

The spokesman was responding to a complaint by a concerned motorist who often see motorists defying the traffic signage at the construction sites such as making illegal turning and running a red light. 

“What they did was not only a danger to other road users but to themselves as well,” said a regular user of Jalan Penampang Bypass.  

She also hoped the contractor would think of another alternative to ease the congestion at these locations especially during the afternoon’s peak hours. 

“I know this (congestion caused by the construction of the two flyovers) is only temporary but surely there are better ways to improve the traffic flow along these stretches at the moment,” she added. 


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