Tawau traders again oppose
Published on: Wednesday, June 26, 2019
By: Christy Chok

TAWAU: The proposed relocation of Takada Sunday Tamu or weekly Takada market to Jalan Habib Sheikh Street, Sabindo, here, effective June 30, is being again opposed by Tamu operators and Sabindo shop operators.

Both sides are due to submit separate signed memoranda by Municipal Council President Datuk Ir. Amrullah Kamal and cc to the Chief Minister. 

On Monday, some of them walked into the council at about 10:30am to meet Amrullah about their objection. Only one of them, Hussein, was allowed.

Hussein said predecessor Tuan Alijus Sipil had promised not to relocate the Tamu to Sabindo but were now told to do so without holding a discussion.

“I personally feel that this decision is a form of repression against the people and I cannot accept this relocation of Takada Sunday Tamu to Sabindo. 

In fact, it is good to upgrade the Takada Sunday Tamu and retain it as one of a tourist hotspots rather than relocate it to Sabindo,” he said.

KK Lee, one of the Sabindo shoplot owners, said it seems the Council did not want to listen to their suggestions.

In respect of this, Sri Tanjong community development leader, Koo Hung Eow, urged the Council to provide adequate infrastructure such as public toilets, rubbish bins, good drainage system and CCTV if the relocation of Takada Sunday Market materialises.

Koo said the Sabindo shop operators also should have priority in applying for stalls at the Sunday Tamu and the walkway in front of the shoplots must not be occupied in order to make way to pedestrians.

He also stressed that the stall rental fee should be directly paid to Council without going through a third party.

Some of the Tamu operators and Sabindo shop operators, who represented individual rights, were waiting at the council lobby at about 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday.


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