Dept says no report of deviant teachings
Published on: Wednesday, June 26, 2019
By: Johan Aziz

KENINGAU: The director of the Sabah Islamic Religious Affairs Department (Jheains), Haji Saifulzaman Sangul, said his department had so far not received any report of misguided religious teachings in the State.

He said every department’s staff throughout the state was responsible for ensuring that there was no teaching that could undermine the unity and well-being of Muslims in the state.

“Our aspiration in this department is that the people in the state are prosperous and safe where Muslims and non-Muslims maintain the harmony built by the leaders and the people in the past,” he said after launching the Upper Interior Jheains Director of Roadshow with department staff at the community hall on Monday.

“We want to live united and that is the desire of the current government leadership under the Chief Minister who wants the people of Sabah to live together, respect each other regardless of religion, living in a state of affection,” he said.

On the programme, he said, it meant leadership with its citizens to state the country and Sabah leadership approach to understand the ideals of this leadership.

He said all the policies that have been decided, delivered by the leadership of Jheains will reach the districts and villages.

“This is our intention that they understand the direction of Jheins and State’s leadership to speed up the delivery system that is relevant to the development of the nation, unity, education and prosperity of the people. This is our desire.

“To ensure that this is accomplished, the roadshow is implemented so that everything related to Jheains’s programmes and activities that gear toward unity, prosperity and benefit of the people can be implemented as soon as possible.

“This is for the good of the State and for the sake of unity among Muslims and all Malaysians especially for Sabah,” he said.

Saifulzaman is also mindful of the government’s wishes through Jheains programmes to reach teachers, religious leaders and civil servants in the department in the hope that when they get information and gain knowledge related to Federal and State governments’ approaches, they can help speed up all the policies.

Also present were Deputies Director of Jheains, Zuriah Haji Zulkipli (Management Division), Mohd Sidek Haji Awang Adi (Islamic Affairs Division), Haji Awang Omar Gana (Education Division) and Jheain Keningau Administrative Officer and Chairman of the programme, Afandy Kasimin.


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