Poor Kasigui road: Whose responsibility?
Published on: Monday, July 08, 2019

Penampang District Council is looking into a complaint by a Kasigui resident on a damaged sealed road that intersects with Jalan Lembaga Air Kasigui, in Penampang. 

The resident approached Hotline not too long ago to voice out her displeasure about the poor state of the road which is riddled with deep potholes and some parts prone to flooding. 

“I am curious as to why this road has always been neglected when it comes to maintenance,” said JOSEPHINE, one of the daily users of the stretch. 

Apart from having to endure the uneven road surface, she also bemoaned the absence of roadside drains to channel rainwater away into a river nearby. 

“I am not surprised the bitumen on this road is fast deteriorating because water tends to pool at low-lying parts of the road,” she added. 

She said the current wet spell has worsened the condition of the road. 

“I hope the relevant authority will step in to resolve this long-standing problem as soon as possible because there are a number of families relying on the stretch to reach the main road on a daily basis,” she added. 

A Council spokesman said it would check whether the road is under its work scope. 

“We will include this road in our list of roads to be repaired if it falls under our care,” he added. 

A Public Works Department (PWD) spokesman, however, said the stretch is connected to the road which is under its registry. 

“We don’t service that road because it is a private road,” he added.    

Hotline would follow up on this case again later. (OV) 


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