PDC to repair bent Kasigui bus stop pillar
Published on: Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The Penampang District Office will step in to repair the damaged concrete pillar supporting a bus stop structure servicing the folks in Kampung Kasigui, soon. 

There is fear that the entire roof of the structure will collapse if the damaged pillar suddenly give way one of these days. 

A concerned member of the public has noticed that people are no long seeking shelter under the structure anymore unlike before it was hit by a vehicle some time ago.   

Students and those relying on public transport were among the regular users of this structure before but they preferred to stand next to it nowadays due to its unstable condition. 

A spokesman for the Office, when contacted recently, said its officials would be asked to assess the damage and to obtain other relevant details about the structure soon. 

“We will act on this complaint because we want the villagers there to have a safe and conducive bus stop for them to use on a daily basis,” he added.  

He also said other similar structure in other villages in the district would be checked as well later. 

“I’m not a resident here but I frequented this part of the district to meet a friend. I noticed one of its pillar had broken so severely to the point its internal reinforcement wire mesh is visible,” stressed JACOB, the complainant.

He said the roofing had slanted a little bit because of the damage on its supporting pillar. 

“Come to think of it this structure is really beneficial to all pedestrians as a place to take shade from scorching sunlight or pouring rain but it can no longer be relied on with its present condition,” he added. 

He dare not imagine the seriousness of the person’s injury should the concrete roofing suddenly collapse later. 

“What if the BRC wire mesh that still clinging to it suddenly fails?,” he asked.

He also urged the relevant authority to expedite the repair of the bus stop as restoring it at present will be prudent as compared to attending to it later after it collapsed. 

“It’s better to revive it now while it is still standing,” he added. (OV)


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