APS: Why the Tenom logging approval?
Published on: Tuesday, July 16, 2019
By: Mail Mathew

TENOM: Angkatan Perpaduan Sabah (APS) queries the logging approval given by the Natural Resources Department, Land and Survey Department and the State Chief Conservator of Forests to a company involving 388.3 hectares in Kg Katubu Sasagop and Kg Kapulu. 

Its Vice President Paul Kadau said the people in the area wondered why the approval was given when the Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal last year said that anything that harms the environment will not be allowed even though it brings revenue to the State.  

He cited a statement by Shafie in May 28 last year that although logging concessionaires may be contributors to the State revenue, it cannot be allowed if it causes environment issues in Sabah. 

Kadau said APS believes that continued logging activities in the area will threaten the natural environment ecosystem which may cause erosion in the long run if left unaddressed. 

Among issues that the villagers disagreed with include Kg Imahit customary land boundary, water catchment area, effect on the tagal system in the river, and possible destruction of the community forest. 

They also claimed that it may also affect the old cemetery, daily lives of the indigenous community, geographical landscape of the land such as hills and existing rivers, destroy their crops and tagal system under the small grants programme. 

“The area is part of the Rundum Highland tourist area which is gaining popularity among tourists,” he said, recently. 

It is understood that the Kemabong State Constituency also sent a letter of protest to the Tenom District Officer who is also the Land Revenue Assistant Collector. 

This prompted an integrated inspection at the site on Wednesday, led by the Tenom District Officer and various government departments and agencies. 

Among those involved are those from the police, Keningau Road Transport Department, Sabah Environmental Protection Department, Sabah Environmental Department, Commercial Licensing Vehicle Board, Immigration Department, Kemabong Assistant District Officer and Rela, among others. 

The Tenom District Officer took action in stopping logging activities in the area based on issues concerning environmental protection and safety of the local community. 

APS described the action taken by the District Officer as accurate as it is in the interest of the people. 


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