Resident  bemoans poor condition of Kolombong  stretch
Published on: Friday, July 19, 2019

A Kolombong motorist has spoken out about the poor condition of a road near the roundabout leading to the Taman Nelly Phase 8D Studio Apartments.

ZEFFI of Kolombong said the edges of the road had eroded away in places and depressions had formed in this part of the stretch.

She said the uneven surface was dangerous for road users, drivers of small vehicles. 

“If their tyres hit these depressions, they could easily lose control of their vehicle and this could lead to a bad accident,” she said.

Zeffi was under the impression that the stretch had not been maintained in some time. 

“I cannot understand how the local authorities could have failed to have noticed these irregularities.

“Action should be taken make repair the affected sections of the road, before something unpleasant occurs and lives are lost.” 

She provided Hotline with the location of the road in question, which was forwarded to City Hall on July 2.

A City Hall spokesman said a check of its records revealed that two roads, Jalan Mewah and Jalan Nountun, intersected with each other at the roundabout.

He said the former was listed in the agency’s road register.

“An inspection will be made of the stretch to determine the extent of the damage, after which we will arrange to have the necessary repairs made,” he said.

“We have alerted the Public Works Department about the driver’s complaint so that action can be taken to attend to Jalan Nountun.” 

A Department spokesman confirmed that the agency was aware of this matter.

“Should the road be under our maintenance, then our staff will be sent to verify the motorist’s claims,” he said.

“Our concessionaire will be asked to make good the road if we find it to be in a deplorable state.” (SS)


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