Compactor to blame for Kolombong garbage woes
Published on: Saturday, July 20, 2019
By: Sidney Skinner

A problem with the compactor used to remove the rubbish from some Kolombong shophouses was to blame for the garbage woes there.

A City Hall spokesman said the vehicle was temporarily rendered out of service.

“The compactor broke down due to wear and tear as it has been in use for many years,” he said.

He said an alternative compactor was despatched to clear the bin centre for the area the next morning.


The bin centre cleared a day later.

 “Under normal circumstances, the garbage at the bin centre is cleared daily.

“Our collection team has been reminded to stick to this schedule now that the affected compactor is roadworthy again.”

The spokesman apologised, on behalf of City Hall, for the inconvenience caused to rate-payers there.

The spokesman was responding to a complaint from a Penampang resident about refuse piling up at the bin centre servicing the shophouses.

ANTONIA was under the impression the garbage woes at the centre stemmed from a breakdown in City Hall’s service.

“I was made to understand from one of the shopkeepers here that bins are only emptied once a week,” she said. 

“Prior to this, they were cleared daily.”

She said another shopowner there had reported this irregularity to the agency. She bemoaned the nuisance created by the refuse overflowing from the bin centre.”

“By the time the waste is removed, it has already begun to rot, giving off a foul smell,” he said.

“This stench attracts pests including flies and rats.”

She reasoned that this inconvenience could be avoided, if only the rubbish at the centre was removed regularly.

Antonia provided Hotline with the location of the bin centre in question. This information was forwarded to City Hall. (SS)


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