Missing Lorong Wijaya metal gratings
Published on: Saturday, July 20, 2019
By: Oliver Voon

City Hall has been urged to install additional drain grating covers at a section of Lorong Wijaya 1 in Taman Wijaya, Manggatal, as some of the existing metal materials there are missing. 

“We hope they can find replacement covers for the drain so that big vehicles such as four-wheel-drives are able to pass through that section with ease,” said JENNY, a resident there. 

She noticed a metal rod had been placed at both sides of the road crossing not too long ago by a concerned resident as reminder to oncoming drivers about the substantial gaps at the side of the drain. 

“The missing covers have made the crossing narrower which can only fit compact cars and other light sedans,” she added. 

She also hoping the authority concerned will check the concrete foundations for the covers as they probably need some repair as well. 

“I think they need to inspect to find out whether the covers were subjected to theft or they collapsed into the drain passageway due to damaged base,” she said. 

She bemoaned the hassle and time-consuming in using other lanes to reach her house from the main road. 

“It’s time to repair this crossing as they are many other residents at this Lorong will benefit it after it being attended to later,” she said.

Asked whether she had been a good paymaster to her house assessment bill, she replied yes. 

“In fact my neighbours, as far as I’m concerned, are paying their dues consistently as well,” she said, adding that the issue also affected the garbage collection schedule in that neighbourhood as their garbage truck could not gain access via that entry point. 

A City Hall spokeswoman said the matter would be submitted to their staff at the relevant department soon as possible. 

“Allow us to check as to whether the responsibility to maintain that metal drain covers are under our work scope or not,” she added. 

Hotline would follow up on the case again later.   (OV)


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